Costumes, Comics, Toys – Comic Con 2008!

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Last weekend I went to Comic Con 2008. Just like last year it was pretty crazy and crowded, but I had an awesome time. Lots of people were dressed up. Some of the costumes were absolutely amazing. I can only imagine the many hours that must have gone into making them. Apart from strolling the exhibition floor and buying some comics and T-shirts, I also went to a bunch of panels. The most interesting one was the Disney Pixar panel where they showed 20 minutes of footage of the upcoming movie Bolt (some of it still pretty rough, or only concept art). They also showed first scenes from the other new Pixar movie called Up, which looked really interesting.

Quick Draw Panel

I also went to the Quick Draw panel of which you can see a photo above. There were three panelists, professional comic artists, and they were given various keywords or phrases and they had to quickly draw a comic picture. All three artists were absolutely amazing. I believe for the above picture they had to draw something with a pig in it.

Alright, enough words. I’ll just let the images speak for themselves:

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