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Beta Coming Soon

November 14th, 2007 by Martin Ecker · No Comments

A first public beta of RudeMocks will be available soonish, i.e. in about a week or two. I’m still hammering out the last issues. In particular, some of the samples assert with the gcc build. Unfortunately it’s really a pain to debug with gdb, even with a nice front end as provided by the CodeBlocks IDE. It crashes quite often or doesn’t properly show me the call stack when an assert occurs. Looking at the disassembly sometimes takes forever.

It’s incredible how much the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger blows the entire competition out of the water. IMHO it is by far (and we’re talking light years here) the best C++ debugger.

Apart from that I’m also trying to get RudeMocks to work on the Xbox360, which is almost complete and working, but very likely won’t ever be released to the public due to NDAs 🙁

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