Dawn of Days

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:24 pm by Martin

Length: 06:01, Size: 8.28 MB

Another instrumental rock song I recorded very quickly and totally out of the blue. I really love the instrumental interlude. Actually there are also lyrics and a vocal part for this song, but I’m not much of a singer so I decided to release a karaoke (off-vocal) version first and, when I get the chance, record the vocals with a good vocalist later on.

Test of Time

Posted in Instrumental, Metal at 10:22 pm by Martin

Length: 05:54, Size: 8.12 MB

This is the karaoke (off-vocal) version of a song I wrote some time ago. Since I’m not that great of a singer I decided to record the vocals once I get a good vocalist to do the vocals properly. For now just enjoy it as quite heavy instrumental  rock piece with some weird measure changes in there 🙂

Black Night

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Length: 03:34, Size: 4.90 MB

A karaoke (off-vocal) version of Deep Purple’s Black Night that I recorded for the cover band I played in at the time of this recording. Maybe I’ll record a version that includes vocals one day…who knows.

Pulp Fiction

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Length: 02:17, Size: 3.14 MB

This is a cover version of the Pulp Fiction theme that I recently recorded. Now for a bit of trivia that a lot of people probably don’t know (including me, until it was pointed out to me by a nice fellow via e-mail): The original artist of this song is Dick Dale and the song is originally called “Miserlou”.