Time Shift

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:35 pm by Martin

Length: 03:11, Size: 5.10 MB

I put this little piece together on two weekends in a period where I wished that a time shift would occur and I could jump ahead a few weeks in time (to know what comes next, of course ;-)…this was just before I moved from Austria to California). I really enjoyed recording the verse solo guitar for this one, in particular because of the cool guitar sound that is sort of in between crunchy and distorted and played with the neck pickup in single-coil mode of my 7-string. Also the tapping part of the main heavy solo was quite challenging to get it the way I wanted it.


Dawn of Days

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:24 pm by Martin

Length: 06:01, Size: 8.28 MB

Another instrumental rock song I recorded very quickly and totally out of the blue. I really love the instrumental interlude. Actually there are also lyrics and a vocal part for this song, but I’m not much of a singer so I decided to release a karaoke (off-vocal) version first and, when I get the chance, record the vocals with a good vocalist later on.

Black Night

Posted in Cover, Rock at 10:21 pm by Martin

Length: 03:34, Size: 4.90 MB

A karaoke (off-vocal) version of Deep Purple’s Black Night that I recorded for the cover band I played in at the time of this recording. Maybe I’ll record a version that includes vocals one day…who knows.


Engl Boogie

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:18 pm by Martin

Length: 04:30, Size: 6.19 MB

This is a little concatenation of various leftover riffs that I mostly recorded something like 2 years ago when I first got my hands on an Engl amp of a friend of mine (that’s where the Engl in the song title comes from). Initially, it was supposed to be a boogie (that’s where the Boogie in the title comes from), but yes, I know, it’s not really a boogie ;-). See this as an experimental track with a bit of guitar shredding in it.


Farewell to Arms

Posted in Rock at 10:12 pm by Martin

Length: 07:48, Size: 7.14 MB

This is an anti-war song I wrote way back when there was still war in Bosnia. I finally found the time to record it decently. But beware! It has me on vocals…and I’m not really a singer 😉 As usual I composed, arranged & recorded everything of this song, guitars, bass, keys, drums…and this time even vocals. The drums and bass takes were done about 2 years ago, in 2000. The rest was done in just about 2 days a couple of weeks ago in July 2002. Took me quite a while to record this baby, ey?



Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:09 pm by Martin

Length: 03:21, Size: 3.07 MB

I was playing around a bit with VST instruments (in other words, software synthesizers) and came up with this little thing. It’s a rather guitar-oriented, progressive rock song that features a nice tabla throughout. Musically there’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the C parts of the song. Enjoy!


Just Some Song

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 10:06 pm by Martin

Length: 04:13, Size: 6.53 MB

This is a little tune I put together in a few days to further test the recording capabilities of my new AMD Athlon 1 GHz PC. It’s a rather happy instrumental song with a slower part in the middle and features lots of guitars and also some keyboard lines in the chorus. The day I wrote this song we had really nice spring weather with only a few clouds high up in the sky. So that might explain why it’s a happy tune just right for spring time and in the slower middle part you have to imagine some clouds that cover up the sun.


Simpsons On Acid

Posted in Cover, Instrumental, Rock at 3:03 pm by Martin

Length: 01:29, Size: 1.36 MB

In February 2001 I bought a new PC (a 1 GHz Athlon with ABIT KT7A-RAID motherboard) and so I decided it would be a good idea to record some cover version to see how well recording works with it. And as I’m a big fan of the Simpsons cartoon series I thought it would be cool to do a heavy guitar version of the Simpsons title melody. This track uses 48(!) audio tracks and quite a lot of effects and EQs in Cubase VST and resource usage of my new PC was only at 25% 🙂

There’s a also a very special treat for guitar players for this song: The corresponding guitar tablature in PowerTab format.



Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 9:37 pm by Martin

Length: 03:19, Size: 3.19 MB

This is a very rhythm-oriented, short rock song. It uses the classic rock instrument trio – drums, bass and guitar (although the guitar is clean throughout except for a short solo piece where I use a distorted guitar sound). This song has been spooking around in my head for ages and I’m happy that I finally have the time to record it.


Too Short Moments

Posted in Instrumental, Rock at 9:20 pm by Martin

Length: 02:16, Size: 3.13 MB

I made this tune as a demo for the Line6 POD for a befriended Italian guitarist. At first I just wanted to record some short jingles with only guitar just to demonstrate the capabilities of the POD. But later I loaded a drum soundset into my EWS64 and also made a drum track, then a solo line and so on. Almost all takes are first takes. The guitar stuff was all composed and recorded in about 2 hours in a moment of highest inspiration. That’s also the reason why this song is called “Too Short Moments” because these moments of inspiration are usually much too short (might also be a reason why the song is only about 2:20).

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