Down the Drain

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Let’s talk about something that you wouldn’t expect to be different: Toilet paper. The toilet paper here in the US is probably the worst I’ve seen. It’s low quality, very thin, and only ever white. Back home, you can get thin toilet paper, really thick toilet paper (3-4 layers), and anything in between. You can get toilet paper in different colors and with nice pictures on them…and hey, during the soccer world cup we actually had toilet paper with useful soccer facts printed on them.

A Roll of Toilet Paper

Not so here. Most toilet paper is one or two layers at most! What that means when you’re cleaning your behind should be obvious. Usually, it means you have to fold multiple pieces of toilet paper on top of each other so that you don’t wipe your behind with your bare fingers. Uugh! And even then, it might still rip and tear in your fingers…or maybe it’s just me 😉
Note that you can see my fingers shine through the paper.

When you go to the supermarket to buy toilet paper you will find the same thing that you can find for a lot of other products here in the US: There’s a large number of products you can choose from, but they’re basically all the same. There’s no variety. You encounter this phenomenon when you go into a bakery to buy bread, when you buy cheese, when you buy detergent, and many other products.