Nothing for Ungood

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:22 am by Martin

“Nothing for Ungood? What the heck does that mean” you ask. Well, it’s the literal translation of the saying “Nichts für Ungut” in German, and it means something like “no harm meant” or “no offense”. More importantly, it’s the name of a blog that I found yesterday written by this American guy who lived in Germany for quite a long time. The blog is about his observations while living in Germany and the many small cultural differences between Germany and the US. Some of his stuff is kind of similar to what I write here on my blog from time to time. And although I hate to admit it, let’s be honest, German culture is very similar to Austrian culture, and so most of what he writes applies equally to my home country. It’s a fun read, especially if you’re American and you’ve ever lived in central Europe somewhere or if you’re from Europe and now live in America. Recommended.
Oh, I almost forgot the link: http://nothingforungood.com