Call It Luck, Call It Fate, It Was a Good Day :)

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…Saturday that is. It was a good day because a lot of lucky coincidences let everything work out that day. It all started with us getting a pet at the house. One of my housemates owns this black lab that was staying at his parents’ house up in LA all this time. So he talked to our landlady and convinced her to let us have the dog stay at our house (for an additional fee, of course ;)). Her name is Blackie and she’s such a cutie. She’s very affectionate and really likes snuggling with people. Of course, her being the only female in the house means that we’re really going to spoil her 🙂



So Saturday was the day that Blackie officially joined our household. That was the first lucky incident. My housemate’s sister brought Blackie down from LA in her pickup truck. That was the second lucky coincidence. Why will become clear in a minute.

Later that day, my housemate and I decided to take Blackie for a walk. Since we’ve always wanted to take our bicycles out and around the neighborhood we thought this would finally be the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately, Blackie wasn’t really used to running next to a bicycle. So she was swerving back and forth behind the bicycle causing my housemate who was holding on to the leash to nearly fall over a few times :). After a few blocks, both us and the dog finally got the hang of it and we ventured forth into the streets of our neighborhood.

After a while, we passed this house that had lots of stuff outside. “Aaah, a garage sale” we thought. In the middle of all the junk, eeerm, sorry, stuff there was this big, wooden dining table. Coincidentally, we were just looking for a dining table at the house. So as we went past the house on our bicycles both me and my roommate looked at the dining table, then we looked at each other, looked back at the dining table again, until we both exclaimed “That’s just what we were looking for!”. And what’s more, it was only 50 bucks _and_ we currently had the pickup truck that would allow us to transport it back to the house. So like I said, it was a day of lucky coincidences. We got ourselves a pet and a nice dining table. I mean, sure, we’ll probably have to resurface it (the table, not the dog ;)) and do something about the cushions on the chairs, but for $50 it was a true bargain.

Dining Table

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