Christmas Decorations

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There are some things on this earth that will forever remain a mystery to me: the difference between Persil and Ariel washing powder and this…

Christmas Decorations

…the Christmas decorations that Americans put on their houses during this time of the year.

You see electric light chains on the entire house, lit reindeers, Santa Clauses, snowmen, other weird animals of which I fail to see the relevance for Christmas, and many other things that you would usually not expect to see in a European front garden.

On the other hand, you have to look on the bright side (no pun intended) of all these lights: they do provide quite a bit of light in the dark, even in the street our house is in where there are not many street lights. So it has become much easier to find my way back to the house in the dark…not that I would ever have the need to do that.

Still, one has to wonder how much electricity all these lights use. I’m guessing the electricity bills of some of our neighbors are going to be a Christmasy surprise.

But then again, there are even crazier people…

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