Dog Beach Fun

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On my birthday last Saturday we took Blackie to the dog beach in Del Mar. We had to keep her on the leash the whole time because she’s still not good with other dogs. As soon as another dog enters her private space she changes from her usual calm self and turns into a snapping little menace.

As soon as we got out of the car and onto the beach, Blackie did it. Of course. What else would she do. She peed and then she pooped. As all good dog owners on the beach, we had some plastic bags with us, and Epifanio, my roommate who’s the actual owner of Blackie, smartly enough gave me the plastic bags to carry. As soon as her poop came out he said “Don’t look! Don’t look! It’ll make it worse”. And indeed, it did. Can you say gag reflex? Anyway, I picked up the smelly pile with the plastic bag and thankfully the trash can was right next to us so I didn’t have to carry it far…and yes, it felt warm through the plastic bag ;).

Blackie at Del Mar Dog Beach

After that adventure we tried to get her to go into the water. But she didn’t want to at first and actually managed to get out of her collar to which the leash was attached. As soon as she realized her new-found freedom and before we could react, she ran off. You can see Epifanio running after Blackie in the picture below.

Epifanio Chasing Blackie

After a wild chase he got ahold of her and managed to get the collar back on. So they came back towards the water and Epifanio tried to tighten the collar a bit so that Blackie couldn’t get out again. Unfortunately, he also unhooked the leash. The ocean waves came in and went, and so did the leash. Now we had a tightened collar, but no leash, so we decided to head back. Next time we’ll be better prepared at the dog beach. Oh, and we already have a new leash 🙂

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  1. Brad Phelan said,

    October 23, 2008 at 8:02 am


    I made some additions to your neat code on testing for the existence of operators. I am merging it into our codebase and submitting for inclusion into the Poco C++ framework. The extensions I have made are in the pastie.

    Thanks for the neat wiki page outlining the technique. I wanted to do this but wasn’t sure it was possible before I found your page.



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