Dog Surfing? Yeah, Really…Dog Surfing!

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Most dogs like the ocean. Most dog owners like the ocean. Have owner put dog on surfboard in ocean. What do you get? Dog surfing 🙂

Yesterday me and some friends went down to Imperial Beach, the most southern beach of San Diego county from where you can see Tijuana, to witness a quite funny dog surfing competition (see http://www.loewssurfdog.blogspot.com for details and some videos).

The crowd at Imperial Beach

There were 3 types of competitions, for small dogs on a surfboard, for large dogs on a surfboard, and finally for owners together with their dogs on a surfboard. For the dog-only competitions, the owners would position the dogs on the surfboard, hold the board until a wave came in and then let it go. The longer the dogs stayed on the board the better. Some dogs even made it all the way to the shore without falling or jumping off the board.

A dog being brought out for his next wave

It seems like most dogs really enjoyed it. When they fell off they would immediately turn around and swim back to their owner, seemingly saying “woohoo, let’s do it again!” 🙂 A few dogs, however, didn’t like it and swam towards the beach, probably thinking “I’m outta here”. Anyway, it was good fun to watch.
Dog and owner on a surfboard, the kid actually managed to stand up shortly after I shot this picture

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