Mission Bay Fun

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A friend of mine had his birthday today and invited us all down to Mission Bay close to downtown San Diego where we rented a party boat. Me and a friend also rented a jet ski for an hour and drove it around the bay with speeds up to 45 mph. The jet ski could have gone up to 60 mph, but with two people on it that’s a bit hard. It was good fun. I’ll definitely have to do that again. We nearly fell off one or two times, but that’s all part of the fun. Next time I want a jet ski all to myself 🙂

Later on when we finally rejoined the party boat (which wasn’t quite as easy as we had originally planned because we couldn’t find each other in the bay), the lifeguard actually pulled us over twice. The first time because some of the guys on board went for a swim in an area of the water where you’re not supposed to swim (which we didn’t realize at the time), and the second time when we came back to return the boat where we were going slightly too fast. The interesting thing was that the lifeguard boat had a camera crew on board. Our captain didn’t have anything to drink, so we were fine and luckily didn’t even get a citation. I wonder if we might be on TV somewhere tonight, though 🙂

When we got back we even saw some seals sleeping on the docks.

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