National Park Hiking Tour

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Two weeks ago over Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of going on a 6 day hiking tour through some of the most beautiful national parks the USA has to offer. The tour was organized by Aztec Adventures and we were a group of 9 people from all over the world. There was Noel Llopis, a coworker originally from Spain, someone from Italy, Taiwan, California, and of course me from Austria. The parks we visited in order were: Joshua Tree, Zion, Cedar Breaks, Bryce, and the Grand Canyon. We spent Thanksgiving in a town called Kanab at a nice mom-and-pop-type restaurant called Grandmother Tina’s (and yes, there really was a Tina there :))

Since the others took so many pictures, and because the batteries of my camera died after I had taken two pictures, I didn’t really take any pictures. But do not fret, there are many pictures available online already, so I don’t have to go through the trouble of putting them up. So please feel free to browse the following picture galleries:

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